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What is a ‘Leaderboard’?

In sports and gambling games which are played in a tournament format, the 'leaderboard' is the ongoing list of scores which signify the position in rank for each competitor.Sports such as golf, tennis and racing commonly have leaderboards, indicating where each person's time or points total places them. Leaderboards might be a physical board with digital or manual lettering and numbers, or it might just refer to the list of ranks for the competitors.

‘Leaderboard’ Explained

A leaderboard shows where each competitor has placed in accordance with the rest of the players. They are commonly seen in casinos during poker tournaments. Some betting shops, on and offline, will show leaderboards for players who agree to be published, indicating who has made the wisest bets and achieved the best returns.The leaderboard is necessary where players do not compete against each other concurrently. For example, in a poker tournament there could be two games ongoing. When each game ends and all scores are confirmed, the winner of one game might be beaten by the other. The second player takes first place on the leaderboard, and the other sits in second place. As games are played, positions on the board can shift and change. Those at the top of the board and still in play are then usually invited into the final game, where a winner is determined.In sports betting, some players might place bets on a team's position on the leaderboard. Instead of wagering who will win, they may for example bet that a certain team will place fifth, or place above another. Leaderboard bets are less common but can usually be made on request at the bookmaker, as long as the book writer is willing to take your bet - and can find another to balance the book.