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Lay Betting

Lay betting is placing bets on an event that is not going to happen. Instead of selecting the winner, you are technically betting that someone is going to lose a game. In other words, you are selling a bet instead of backing it. Some other names for lay betting are double betting, matched betting, lay bet matching, and arb betting.For example, if you know that one team is not going to win the cup, you can use a lay bet to back up your predictions. Let’s say that you are sure Manchester United is performing poorly this season in the league and you want to make money out of your belief. What you should do is lay ManUtd when betting, and if they fail to win the Premier League, you are going to earn money. You are basically acting like a bookmaker and offering an outcome rather than picking outcomes that are proposed by the real bookmakers.Lay betting is convenient because it offers much more options than the traditional type of betting where you back up one or the other team. It’s not as popular, but it definitely has the potential to earn you big money if you understand how to use it and consider yourself an experienced punter. Always proceed to lay betting with caution and explore all the possible options before you place a bet.
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