Las Vegas

What is ‘Las Vegas’?

Also known simply as Vegas, Las Vegas is seen as the casino capital of the world. Located in Clark Count, Nevada, it’s the most populated city in the state and is the home of ‘The Strip’, ‘Caesars’, the iconic neon skyline, and many other attractions.

While many other locations try to make gambling their core identity, Las Vegas is rightfully dubbed ‘The Entertainment Capital of The World’ for good reason. Synonymous with all manner of games, grand hotels and 24/7 enjoyment – there are few other cities quite like it.

‘Las Vegas’ Explained

Las Vegas Skyline
Pictured: The sun setting over the Las Vegas skyline.

Settled and incorporated between 1905 and 1911, Las Vegas quickly surged in population. Translated from Spanish, the name means ‘The Meadows’, referencing the sub-tropical floral and fauna that surrounds the Mojave Desert city.

It was throughout the 1960s that the vibrant location became what it is today. Properties were bought up with the intention of being turned into casinos, and as various laws came to pass, the city finally became what many intended it to be. With the help of the Elvis Presley film and song, ‘Viva Las Vegas’, the city firmly became a central part of America’s image.

The Strip is the most iconic part of the city and is often how most people perceive Las Vegas. Home to the colossal neon signs and fields of slots and tables that are lit round the clock, the city’s energy consumption is staggering. ‘The Mirage’ marked the first mega-casino, paving the way for many more of its kind. With many gaming establishments having their own hotels, the cost of a room is remarkably low – enticing players to live cheap and spend big at the tables.

Outside of The Strip, ‘Downtown’ also offers tourists and locals a chance to test their luck. El Cortez, Main Street Station and Golden Nugget are just some of the more well-established houses in the area. Most of the casinos are part of the Fremont Street Experience – a sheltered outdoor area that receives heavy pedestrian foot traffic.

Sin City‘ or ‘Capital of Second Chances’, whichever name people decide to call the city by, Las Vegas is rooted in the American identity.