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Lady Luck

What is ‘Lady Luck’?

Lady Luck is the character assigned to good fortune and prosperity. Players often refer to Lady Luck and how she is treating them during a casino game - for example, a player might refer to her helping their game, or to her abandoning them. A common phrase is that 'Lady Luck is smiling on [the player]', meaning that they are experiencing a hot streak.

‘Lady Luck’ Explained

There is an old tradition of assigning personified characters to groups of ideas or to general themes, and Lady Luck is a great example of this tradition. The character of Lady Luck is the embodiment of good fortune, and she is said to be involved in any lucky streak or series of positive events that may affect a person. The creation of Lady Luck is similar to 'Mother Nature' or to 'Uncle Sam' - a person who represents certain values, beliefs or characteristics.Lady Luck is said to bestow good fortune by 'smiling down' at those she benefits. Players might also say that Lady Luck is at their side - or that she is not, depending on how the game is going! Not only is the character said to be responsible for turns of good fortune, but she is also often blamed when the cards do not fall as the player might have liked.While skill can play a part in gambling, especially if using betting strategies or when playing poker, there is always an element of luck involved. Players will experience natural fluctuations in wins and losses during their play, and sometimes will find themselves in the midst of a run of luck - good or bad. When these hot and cold streaks do occur during a game, players often refer to Lady Luck as being responsible for their current situation.LadyLuck is also a popular online casino, which is available as a web browser service and as a mobile application. The operator offers a wide range of games including slots, bingo and simulated table games, plus live poker and roulette.