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What is a ‘Ladderman’?

The ladderman is one of the team of casino employees who is responsible for monitoring a game, or several games of baccarat from above the tables.The name comes from the high chair, reached by a ladder, on which the ladderman sits during play.

‘Ladderman’ Explained

In baccarat games, the ladderman is the person sitting in a high chair above the playing tables, watching over all of the players. The purpose of the ladderman's role is to monitor the baccarat game and ensure all players - and dealers - stick to the rules. They also provide an added level of reassurance that mistakes will not be made during the game.The ladderman has no other role in the game unless an intervention is needed, in which case they would contact security or another staff member without leaving their position. In some casinos, the ladderman will be responsible for several games, while in others they will only monitor a single game.The ladderman is one of four casino employees who take part in the operation of a baccarat game. The others are the two dealers and the caller. The ladderman is an added level of security, necessary because baccarat is one of the highest value games at the casino. High rollers will often choose baccarat for their play and could stake thousands on each single hand, and many games have minimum wagers of $100 or more.Because there is so much money in baccarat, there is also the chance of an error on the part of the casino or the player, leading to a wrongful payout or loss, and the ladderman is there to prevent it. They will also look for cheats and thieves, making sure that all games remain fair and that no player is breaking the law or gaining an unfair advantage.