King Keno Edge Ticket

What is a King Keno Edge Ticket?

A Keno King Edge ticket is a special kind of Keno ticket that covers two different kinds of bets – the ‘king bet’, or ‘king ticket‘, along with an additional ‘edge bet’. Edge bets are bets that run along the edge of the Keno ticket, usually covering 32 numbers. King bets are single number bets which act alone, and also combine with the other groups or singles on that ticket.

King Keno Edge Ticket Explained

In the game of Keno, the simplest kind of bets are single number bets. Players select between one and ten numbers from the range 1-80, and try to match their chosen numbers against those called by the game. The ‘king bet’ is one of those single number bets, but it has the added feature of combining with other groups and singles on that ticket. When a king bet is made, the player is betting a number of different ways, with each way covering the king number.

Players can also combine number selections to make group bets. These groups might cover adjacent numbers, particular multiples, random selections or numbers in certain positions on the ticket. An ‘edge bet’ is one of these group bets, covering the numbers along the side of the ticket. This often includes up to 32 numbers, though the maximum number of selections in most games is 20, so not all the edge numbers will be matched in a game. Edge bets often pay only when 1-6 numbers or 10-20 numbers are ‘caught’.

A ‘king Keno edge ticket’ is a ticket that covers both the king bet and the edge bet. The king number will stand alongside the edge group, and as a standalone bet. This is not a common bet but it is offered by some casinos and online gaming sites.

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