Jackpot Poker

What is Jackpot Poker?

Jackpot poker is any form of poker in which a jackpot prize is offered for the players. It often refers to a specific form of poker in which a high losing hand (usually four aces or better) is eligible for a jackpot prize. Some other forms of jackpot poker will enter all players who buy in into a prize draw for some large sum.

Jackpot Poker Explained

Jackpot poker can be used as a general term relating to any poker game with a jackpot, or a specific form of poker in which a jackpot is offered when a certain hand is drawn. A jackpot is a large prize, which can be won randomly or when a certain condition is met – such as finding a particular hand in the deal or draw. Some poker games will have a progressive jackpot available to be won by players, which builds up over time. This prize pot might be taken from the initial ante as part of the collection, or there might be a side wager necessary to enter.

Jackpot poker is also a specific form of poker in which players might win a better prize than the pot itself if their losing hand is a high one. The jackpot prize is given out rarely, as the odds of two very strong hands making the showdown in the same game are low. Often, the jackpot is only given to a player who holds all the aces or a better hand when it loses against a royal flush or wildcard five-set (five of a kind). If there is a hand that loses but is high enough to qualify, the player will be awarded a set prize sum – the jackpot of the game. Usually, this jackpot prize will be far greater than the pot for that round, so it is more desirable to lose on a high hand than to win on one.

Separately, Jackpot Poker is the brand name of a poker and social casino app by PokerStars. It offers a range of games, including variants of poker, to its players.

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