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In game bonus

What is an ‘In Game Bonus’?

An 'in game bonus' is an additional prize or reward for the player which appears while the game is in play. The most common use of the phrase is in online slots play, where it refers to a bonus round or enhanced play that appears as the result of a spin or win. Progressive jackpots are a common form of in game bonus. Any game can offer in game bonuses, including offline table and card games.

‘In Game Bonus’ explained

If a gambling service offers 'in game bonuses', they give rewards to players engaged in active play which is directly related to the plays they are making. In game bonuses appear most frequently in electronic slots games, but there are plenty of ways casinos and gambling services can offer in game bonuses to players.In slots play, bonus rounds, free spins and scatter symbols are just some of the ways in game bonuses are offered. Bonuses might appear as the result of a particular win, or they might be picked up when certain symbols are found. Some slots have bonus rounds which are launched after a number of consecutive winning spins. In game slots bonuses might play out automatic, but often they have an interactive element such as choosing a box to open, or launching a number of free spins.Other forms of in game bonuses are offered in online and offline casinos at the tables and through electronic gaming machines or gaming software. In poker, a certain card or hand might be designated for a bonus reward if drawn. Many blackjack, poker and even roulette games have a special progressive jackpot prize, which could be won during the game as a bonus. Bingo games will also offer this community prize, usually for a full house achieved in a set number of calls. Bonuses are different from side bets in that the player does not wager extra to be eligible for the prize - the prizes are awarded at random during standard play.