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House Percentage

What is the ‘House Percentage’?

In gambling, the house percentage is another term for the house yield or the house hold. In other words, this is the percentage of money, or chips, retained by the casino at the end of the trading session.Casinos give themselves a house percentage in the odds, creating a house edge on games. With the odds skewed in the casino's favour, the house percentage will always be a set cut of the money being played at the venue.

‘House Percentage’ Explained

The house percentage could refer to the overall casino, or to each game in turn. In any odds-based wagering, the house percentage is the fractional odds at which play is tipped in the casino or the bookmaker's favour.The percentage of funds kept by the house may also be referred to as the hold, and it is this amount that makes up the casino's profit - before expenses and taxes are accounted for, of course. In any game, the casino will certainly hold at least some of the chips and cash wagered. The extent to which the casino has the edge on any game is the house percentage for that game.In gameplay, the house percentage varies wildly. There are some bets which have no house percentage factored in at all, such as the 50-50 'free odds' bet in craps. Even with the secondary bet factored in, the house edge remains under 1% and the more free odds bets that are made at once, the lower this edge is reduced.In games, such as roulette on the basic straight bets system, the house percentage is a minimal 2.70%. In many forms of poker, this house percentage rises to over 5% and in games such as slots, it can be as high as 15%.