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Hot Seat

What is 'Hot Seat'?

'Hot seat' is a poker term that most players will be familiar with; it is used to describe the seat at a poker table where the players have received winning hands. Although the seats have no bearing on who wins and loses a hand, some players who are superstitious may prefer to sit at a particular seat as they have had winning hands there before.

'Hot Seat' Explained

Experienced players will know that there is no such thing as a hot seat when it comes to poker. The idea that a player's luck can be determined by what seat they're sat at doesn't really have any evidence to support it. There are games where particular seats could be seen as lucky or 'hot', and there are seats that could be seen as unlucky or cold, but since poker is a random game, if the game were to be played again, there is an even chance that the hot seats could become cold and the cold seats could become hot. In some games, it may seem like a player is having all the luck, but if the game were to be restarted, the player may fare differently.Superstition isn't generally advised when playing poker. Although some players may wear a lucky hat or another item of clothing, they don't generally let superstition get in the way of good play. Therefore, it's not advisable for players to choose what they perceive to be a 'lucky seat' at the table since there is no way of knowing before the game whether or not that seat will turn out to be hot.There are ways, however, that more experienced players will try to gain an advantage with their seat selection. This is often referred to as 'positional advantage' and is done by ensuring that the player doesn't act first. A lot of players state that they are at an advantage if their opponent is acting first, by simply seeing what their opponent does before they act.The key tactic when it comes to giving players a positional advantage is knowledge of their fellow players. That way they can select the seat at the table they believe will be the most beneficial. All they have to do is position themselves correctly: players they believe they can earn more profit from should be to their right, and players who will cause them less harm due to not utilising their positional advantage should be on their left.Whilst positional advantage may be a tactic that could lead to a seat being 'hot', there is no evidence to suggest hot seats actually exist.
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