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Horn Bet

What is a 'Horn Bet'?

Horn Bet is a term used in the game of craps. Also referred to as a "sucker bet", a casino always likes it when a player places a Horn Bet, as the edge is with the house.

'Horn Bet' Explained

When playing craps, a gambler will see that the craps table is separated into areas, just like a roulette table. Written in these different areas are bets such as '16 for 1' and '31 for 1'. The Horn Bet section is found right in the middle of the table, and there is a reason it is the center of attention.If someone were to place a Horn Bet, that person would be betting on four numbers - the numbers 2, 3, 11, and 12 - and hoping that one of these numbers comes in. For example, if someone placed a £20 Horn Bet, then they would be betting £5 on each number. Not only that, but the numbers also have different odds. If the total on the two dice is 2, or 12, then the odds at which the bet is paid are 30/1. In contrast, if the total of the two dice is 3 or 11, then the odds are 15/1.A Horn Bet can be flexible. Say a player gives the dealer a £50 chip; instead of the dealer giving the player back their £10 change and just putting £10 on each of the numbers, the player can choose to put the extra £10 chip on one of the four numbers.These types of flexible bets highlight an interesting aspect of craps. Players will use alternative names for bets so as to avoid confusion between numbers. For example, if someone wanted to place a Horn Bet, but put extra money on the number 11, that player would shout "horn, high yo". The purpose of such phrasing is to avoid confusion between the number 7 and the number 11, which sound quite alike.A Horn Bet is not very common at the craps table, because of the fairly high edge that the house has in comparison with the other bet options at the table.