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Hop Bet

What is a 'Hop Bet'?

In craps, a 'hop bet' is a bet on the exact roll of the dice. It is a bet called by the player rather than placed on the table. It works exactly like the 'hard way' and 'easy way' bets which can be made after the point is established, but unlike these working bets a 'hop bet' counts for the next roll only. Hop bets can also be 'hard' or 'easy', meaning that the player calls either a double number or two different numbers.

'Hop Bet' Explained

Hop bets are prediction bets, based on the outcome of a single dice roll. Players will call to the game operator for a bet on two numbers 'hopping', such as 'five and three hopping' or 'two fives hopping'. Hop bets are uncommon in craps as many players do not know about them. They are an off-table bet, so there is no spot for chips which are designated to a hop bet. Instead, the player must request the hop bet especially, and they must do so before the roll.Easy hops pay 15/1 on the wager, while a hard hop usually runs at 30/1. This means the hop bet can be a fast way to good money for the player. However, it is an extremely risky bet which counts for a single roll only, unlike the standard hard way and easy way bets. Typically, bets in craps are 'working' - they remain on the table until the shooter hits seven and the turn passes, or until the player recalls them. If a hop bet fails, it is instantly lost. Hop bets are often made when the player suspects the shooter has a technique for rolling. As a result, hop bets often follow the play of a large point bet by the shooter.