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High Limit

What is 'High Limit'?

'High limit' refers to any casino game where the minimum bet (and where applicable, the maximum bet) are of a very high value. Casinos usually offer a variety of high limit and low limit tables for each of the games on offer. High limit games are common in poker, roulette and slot gaming, but any kind of casino game can be high or low limit. Some casinos offer 'high limit rooms' filled with these special games for high rollers. High limit tables are more likely to have a maximum limit imposed, to protect the casino from the expense of major wins.

'High Limit' Explained

Most casinos will have a 'minimum limit' on every game - the lowest amount a player can spend in order to make a bet. This might range from as low as a few pence to thousands of pounds. A 'high limit' game is any game in which the stakes are particularly high. High limit games usually have a minimum and a maximum wager limit, to prevent any player from 'breaking the bank' and clearing out all of the casino's funds. High rollers - players who spend a lot and play often - will often seek out these high limit games.Often, play at high limit tables is limited to casino members who have proven themselves reliable and loyal through consistent regular play. Games might be through special invitation only, or available alongside the standard table games. Casinos might separate games into two rooms and allow a separate 'high limit room' to exist. Cash buy-ins are rare at high-limit tables; players usually have some form of credit line or smart account with the casino which facilitates the safe play of high wagers. High limit poker is common in underground poker rings and in home games among competitive players with flexible bankrolls.It can be difficult finding the best casinos for high limit games as many don't offer higher limits that are suitable for VIP players. To find the best high limit games use our VIP casino guide.