Help Card

What is a ‘Help Card’?

A ‘help card’ is a poker phrase relating to drawing or revealing a card that improves the hand. The card which betters the hand is the ‘help card’ because it improves the chance of winning. Players might say that they are ‘seeking a help card’ or that they have ‘found the help card’ during the round.

‘Help Card’ Explained

In poker, a player might refer to needing a ‘help card’ in the next turn. This card is one which improves the hand and gives the player a better chance of winning. If a player is searching for the help card, they have a weak hand and need some help from the draw or from the flop, turn or reveal.

For example, a player might currently hold a hand of 3-5-6-J-K offsuit. This combination is not doing much on its own, with only the high card king to push off the competition. However, the player might have a chance to improve this hand in the game, either at the draw (where some cards are replaced for fresh ones) or on the reveal of the last two cards (in a seven-card stud game). If they find another king, for example, and draw a king pair, they have a much better chance of winning. This king is the ‘help card’ in this situation.

Occasionally the phrase might also be used to describe a card which helps a hand to win. For example, a hand containing two sixes could win the pair, but there is a very good chance that a higher pair will beat it. At the showdown, another player reveals the other pair of sixes and the hand ties. Player one has a king high card, player two only has a seven high: so the first player wins the hand. That king kicker is the ‘help card’ in this scenario.