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Heinz Bet

Punters who like to bet on horses and football often play the Heinz Bet which is similar to the Super Heinz bet but not as big. It consists of placing 57 bets on six selections, and it is considered a full cover bet. To execute Heinz Bet successfully, you need to set the bets as follows: one six-fold accu, six five-fold accus, 15 four-fold accus, 20 trebles, and 15 doubles.If you want any return on this bet, you need to win at least two selections. This bet bears the name of a famous food company called Heinz whose products have 57 varieties when it comes to packaging. In fact, the founder of Heinz is Henry J Heinz who was obsessed with a number 57 and believed it to be lucky.Heinz bet is an interesting way to place bets, but it doesn’t guarantee any wins. It all depends on your choice of races/games, their odds, and the number of the bets that you win. If you want to break even, you will need approximately three selections to win.The main advantage of this exciting way to place bet is the high return you can get if you guess everything right. On the other hand, the disadvantage is the amount of money it takes to bet to execute the Heinz bet fully. Therefore, make sure to plan your budget for 57 bets or even for 114 bets if you want to go each way, which is also a possibility.