Head to Head

What is ‘Head to Head’?

If players go ‘head to head’ in a card game or table game, they are playing against each other with no other competitors. The phrase is also sometimes heard as ‘going heads up’. Players can go ‘head to head’ with another player in a full match, or be left as the last two people in a game after others have folded. The player might also go head to head with the dealer, such as in blackjack or Casino War.

‘Head to Head’ Explained

‘Head to head’ is a phrase which describes two competitors in a one-on-one match. The locking or butting of heads is common in the animal kingdom to symbolise the start of a fight or dual, and the phrase has been derived from this idea. Players who are head to head face no other competition for the prize, and whoever wins the game will take the pot.

The term appears often in poker when there are just two players remaining, after all others have dropped out. It is used most often when the players are battling off in a series of raises, or when one challenges the other to an all-in which is met. However, any situation where two players are in competition is a ‘heads up’ or ‘head to head’ event. Poker can sometimes be played as a head to head game – that is, only two players take part from the start to the end. However, most players prefer a full table with the chance to build up a decent pot during each round.

Players in a casino might go head to head against the dealer. In blackjack for example, the player must beat the dealer’s cards to win. No matter how many players are at the table, only the cards held by the dealer and the player matter to the individual results. Therefore, blackjack is a head to head game.