What are Hardways?

Hardways, or ‘hard way bets’, are craps bets made on doubles – i.e. 4-4 for ‘hard eight’ or 2-2 for ‘hard four’. The hardways differ from ‘easy way’ bets, or bets that a number will be made in any combination (including the doubles). ‘Easy four’ can be made with either 1-3 or 2-2, for example. Hardways are working bets which can be altered or taken down unless they are lost or won.

Hardways Explained

In craps, players have the option of betting on a particular number appearing in the next roll, or at some point in the game. They can make a number of different kinds of bet, including bets that the shooter (the player controlling the dice in that turn) will win or lose, or bets on a series of numbers appearing. Some kinds of craps bet will remain active throughout the game, unless they are won, lost or taken down by the player. These are known as working bets. Others will stand for a single roll, and are won or lost as soon as the roll is made.

The ‘hardways’ are similar to proposition bets, but they are working bets which stand until won or lost. The players wager that a certain number will be rolled as a double – i.e. 3-3 or 5-5 – before a seven is rolled and the shooter’s turn ends. Hardway bets can also be lost if the number is made the ‘easy way’ first. For example, if a player bets on hard 10 but the dice turn up 4-6, the hardway bet is lost. Hard ten and hard four bets are paid at 7:1, while the hard eight and hard six offer a 9:1 payout. The hardway 10 and 4 bets have a very high house edge of more than 11%, while 6 and 8 have a lower 9% margin.

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