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Hard Way

What is a 'Hard Way'?

The hard way is a bet in craps when a player bets on the shooter (the dice thrower) to roll a double 2, 3, 4, or 5. The players call these four rolls a hard 4, a hard 6, a hard 8, or a hard 10. If a player bets on a hard 4 and the shooter rolls a double two, he wins. If the two dice add up to four without being a double, such as a three and a one, it is called a soft four and the player loses the bet.

'Hard Way' Explained

A hard way bet is a standing bet, meaning that the bet stands until the shooter rolls the double that wins or the two numbers that add to the total value of the double. A player also loses a hard way if the shooter rolls a 7, since a seven indicates the end of the shooter's turn. Though the odds of a shooter throwing a double are 36 to 1, the odds are significantly decreased by the fact that a shooter keeps rolling until the bet loses.A four and a 10 pay out at 7 to 1 and a six and an eight pay out at 9 to 1. The casino always has significant advantage over the player. The house edge is usually 11.11% for a four and 10 and 9.09% for a six and eight, but expert craps resources state players can find casinos that do hard way bets at zero edge. That means a four or ten hard bet will pay out at 8 to 1.Players can only place a hard way bet after the initial come out roll. In a casino they should put their tokens on the appropriate double on the right hand side of the table. Players can also bet on a double one and a double six, but these come up at odds of 30 to 1.