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Hands Per Hour (HPH)

What is 'Hands Per Hour (HPH)'?

Hands Per Hour (HPH) is the average number of hands played during every hour of play. Both the casino and the players have their own HPH rate and the number of decisions per hour affects how much the players and the house can make from the game. Different games have different HPH rates depending on the typical game speed. For example, there are many more hands per hour played in blackjack than there are in poker. Online games tend to have a faster HPH rate than casino table games, because the amount time spent resetting the table between plays is greatly reduced online.

'Hands Per Hour (HPH)' Explained

Casinos who hope to make money from their games need to understand the different rates of Hands Per Hour that all of the tables offer. Games with more decisions per hour tend to have higher rates of variance, so players win and lose more over the swing of the hour. Slower-paced games still have large and small wins, but the flow of play is often more steady and controlled. Games with a high HPH rate will often take more money over the course of a day and see a higher turnover of different players at the table.HPH rates are important when setting and maintaining the house edge. Knowing how many hands are played per hour, along with how many of those hands are likely to be won, can help the casino determine its margin for profit. Players also need to understand hands per hour rates if they want to find a game and a flow of play that suits their own preferences. Some fast or slow games are not suited to certain types of betting system, while others are favored by games' HPH metrics.