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Grand Salami

What is 'Grand Salami'?

Grand salami is an American sports betting term that is most common in baseball and hockey. Bettors place a wager on what they believe will be the total amount of goals or runs scored in a day. It works like a typical under/over wager where the bookmakers will offer odds on the number of runs or goals being under or over a set number. Bookmakers will look at the form of the teams involved along with the history of the fixtures to see if they're traditionally low or high-scoring affairs. Since the grand salami relies on a specific amount of goals or runs, bettors can find some decent value in them, particularly since a lot of fixtures are unpredictable.

'Grand Salami' Explained

Since its inception, grand salami bets have become extremely popular, particularly in baseball. This has been put down to the fact that bookmakers find it hard to offer accurate odds. On any given game day, it is not uncommon for the grand salami bets to be equally split between under and over wagers. With just as many bettors placing wagers that the amount of runs will be under a certain number as there are bettors who place a wager on the number of runs being over a certain number, it's not difficult to see why bookmakers have a hard time setting odds for grand salami bets.Whilst some bettors avoid the grand salami because of its unpredictability, others find some genuine value from placing a bet. Quite often, the bookmakers tend to be fairly far out when it comes to predicting the number of runs. During the 2016 baseball season, the combined total of runs for one game day was 119, but the salami bet was 125.5, meaning that it's not uncommon for the salami to be several runs out. Experienced salami bettors can often do well simply by studying the form of the teams involved as well as calling on their own knowledge of baseball.The grand salami works the same in hockey, where bettors place wagers on the number of goals scored in one day. The odds will usually be displayed as follows:Grand salami over 54.5 (+110), under 54.5 (-120)A winning bet of £100 on the over odds above would net the bettor £110. In order to win, there would have to be at least 55 goals scored throughout the day. Further salami bets are available in hockey that allow bettors to place wagers on the amount of goals scored in total by the home or away teams.