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Grand Martingale

What is the 'Grand Martingale'?

The Grand Martingale is a class of betting systems involving ever-increasing wagers on subsequent events to win back losses. The original form, the 'Martingale', focuses on the simplest form of a coin flip, where the payout is evens, or 1/1. If the bettor loses the flip, the Martingale advocates simply betting again and doubling the stake. The bettor continues along this pattern until they have won, at which point they will have turned a profit.The Grand Martingale, by contrast, advocates both doubling the bet and adding another unit on top. For example, if a bettor bets £5 and loses, instead of betting £10 to gain a chance of winning £5, they would bet £15 - doubled plus the original stake. This ensures that the potential profit rises along with the bet, although the larger increase of the stake obviously makes it riskier.

'Grand Martingale' Explained

While the Grand Martingale and the Martingale have some basis in logic - for every subsequent coin flip, the probability of winning a call approaches 1 - they can only be continued for as long as the bettor has money available to bet. With the stakes more than doubling each time with the Grand Martingale, the cost increases exponentially, and the possibility of a disastrous run of luck can quickly bankrupt any bettor. Thus, the Martingale is only a foolproof system if the bettor possesses infinite wealth - which of course they do not. When the slim possibility of a catastrophic run of luck is factored in, the Martingale does not make for an effective betting system - especially if the system is used regularly by a frequent gambler.Despite these problems, the Grand Martingale does retain some popularity, particularly on games such as Roulette, for betting on red or black.