Google Play

What is Google Play?

First launched in March 2012, Google Play – which was formerly called Android Market – is a marketplace for Android owners, where they can purchase and download games, apps, books, movies, and other such content.

Billions of apps, games, books, movies, and more are downloaded and purchased on Google Play every single year, and with Android users in more than 145 countries using the store, this is hardly surprising. In fact, many people who use the internet to gamble do so by utilizing the apps offered by Google Play.

But it has only been since the summer of 2017 that Google Play has allowed real money gambling apps in its store.

Google Play Explained

Google Play is an online store where Android device owners can go to buy and/or download additional apps, games, movies, books, and a range of other mobile content.

It went live at the beginning of 2012 and aimed to bring together the Android Market, Google Music, and the Google eBookstore – which, until that point, had all been trading as separate platforms.

Until 2015, users of Android phones could also buy online hardware using Google Play, but when the Google Store launched that year, hardware moved over onto that platform instead. Other operators have similar marketplace constructs, with one such example being Apple’s App Store. Like the App Store, Google Play is broken down into several categories depending on the type of content available. For instance, within the Google Play marketplace, there resides: Google Play Games; Google Play Music; Google Play Books; Google Play Movies & TV; and Google Play Newsstand. This makes for easy user navigation and smooth operation.

In 2016, Android owners used Google Play to download more than 82 billion apps and games. And as of February 2017, over 2.7 million apps have been published there and made available for purchase.

And as Google Play’s popularity continues to grow, so too does its capacity for launching new and exciting apps and games. For example, many online casino and gambling websites – including the internet-based outposts of land-based casinos, bookies, and online bingo rooms – have apps available via Google Play.