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Goliath Bet

Goliath is a mythical character from the bible that was huge and very strong. Nowadays, we use the name for everything that is big and such is the case with the Goliath Bet. As a matter of fact, this bet comprises of 247 bets over eight selections and must include one eight-fold accu, eight seven-fold accus, 28 six-fold accus, 56 five-fold accus, 70 four-fold accus, 56 trebles, and 28 doubles.Goliath is impressive if you like placing bets on football or horse races, but you can also try several other sports. It is considered a full-cover bet, and if you want to place at least £1 on every bet, you would need at least £247 to cover this bet type fully. It has no single bets, which means that you need to win at least two selections to get any kind of return.This bet type is mainly for the punters who are experienced and who are willing to take significant risks. On the other hand, the amount of money that Goliath can generate is pretty high. However, the players need to plan their budget accordingly since Goliath is not something you should take lightly.If you are really brave, you should also consider the Each Way Goliath which incorporates the 247 standard bets plus additional 247 ones, making it a total of 494. This is the most prominent bet type known today.