Going the Overs

What is Going The Overs?

‘Going the overs’ is a poker phrase which describes going above and beyond what was required at that point of the game. It can be applied to a player who makes an additional blind bet on top of a mandatory one, or one who is going over the limit of the game with their bet or playing at a higher level than previously agreed by the other players.

Going The Overs Explained

In poker, a player who is ‘going the overs’ is playing extremely aggressively with their hand and putting more into the pot than is required. The term can be applied in three ways: to a player ‘overblinding‘ a pot; to a game played above the limit in order to pay the house; to one or more players who play in excess of the agreed range for bets.

Blind bets are made before any cards have been seen, and they are required in some forms of poker to start the game. If a player opts to put an additional blind on top of a mandatory one, or to add a blind when a player has already ‘killed’ or overblinded it, they are said to be ‘going the overs’. There is no requirement to bet beyond the stated mandatory blinds, which are often a ‘small blind’ of one bet unit and a ‘big blind‘ of two bet units. However, a player feeling particularly bold might opt to do so.

In a limit poker game, the stakes might sometimes be raised slightly above the stated limit so that players can pay time to the house for the game. This situation is often described as ‘going the overs’.

In a game without limits, such as a private home game, players usually discuss an accepted range for bets – a kind of informal limit. If one or more players start ‘going the overs’, they are betting well outside of this range and pushing pots up higher after lower stakes players have already made their bets. A player is also said to be ‘going the overs’ when they continually raise and re-raise in an effort to increase the pot.

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