Gaming Machines

What are Gaming Machines?

Gaming machines refers to any form of electronic machine or terminal on which games can be played. In the context of casinos and arcades, it usually means a machine which players pay with coins in exchange for credits, which can be wagered on a reel spin or a digital poker hand. If the player wins the game, the machine pays out an increase on their original stake.

Gaming Machines Explained

Gaming machines have been in existence since the 1800s. The oldest gaming machines used a physical set of reels, spun with a lever by the player. These reels would land and display cards or symbols, which might represent a win for the player. The win on these games used to be a drink at the bar or some other small token, but the machines were later adapted to pay cash wins.

Fruit machines or slot machines are the best-known form of gaming machines. Players spin reels and try to land combinations of symbols, which represent a win based on the initial stake and multiplied a number of times. Since the advent of digital technology, many of these gaming machines have become electronic and the reels are simulated, allowing for extra gameplay features and more exciting play styles.

Another popular form of gaming machine is the video poker game. In video poker, players add coins to the machine and can bet those coins against a five card hand. The hand is dealt and the player has the option to hold that hand or replace and draw for a better one. The final hand is then ranked against a pay table and a winning hand, for example a pair or a flush, will pay out at the rate shown. Some gaming machines offer a form of blackjack which is very similar to video poker in style.

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