What is a Gamer?

A gamer is simply somebody who plays games. The term is applied in a general sense to those who play video games, but it has been adopted into casino terminology to describe any casino game player, particularly those who engage in online gambling. The gambling industry itself is often described as the ‘gaming industry’, and forms of gambling are frequently referred to as ‘gaming’ activities.

Gamer Explained

In the gambling world, a ‘gamer’ is simply a player – somebody who actively engages in gambling activities. The term ‘gamer’ might make you think of a video game player, and this is where the term comes from. However, video games are a broad industry and many forms of gambling can be described as video gaming – such as online slots, video poker and simulated racing.

‘Gamers’ are usually seen as players who prefer online casinos and electronic games to table and card games. There are thousands of online gambling services available, and gamers can use their computer or their mobile device to access a huge range of casino games. Casinos also offer games designed to appeal to these ‘gamers’, such as video slots and poker, or digital forms of bingo and Keno.

There has been more of a crossover between gambling and video games in recent years. eSports are a form of competitive gaming tournament where video game players take on each other for prizes, while spectators are often given the chance to bet on their favorite players with the chance of winning big. This is bringing traditional gamers to the casino floor for the first time and encouraging younger players to get involved with casino activities. The industry is also promoting skill-based gambling for the first time, where success in arcade-style video games produces cash prizes for the player.