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Game Mechanics

What are Game Mechanics?

'Game mechanics' are the elements of a game that come together to make it work, and the overall process of that game in action. It applies to video game content, such as electronic slots and video poker, and describes the rules and interactions of a game being played. These game mechanics combine to give the player a fun and engaging game experience, and ensure that the game plays out smoothly.

Game Mechanics Explained

If a player is talking about 'game mechanics', they mean all the different elements of a game which make up the complete experience. 'Gameplay' is essentially a combination of all the different game mechanics, creating the experience of the game. Game mechanics, or game elements, include everything from the design and soundtrack to the different ways in which a player interacts with the game.In casino gaming, those game mechanics usually apply to online or electronic forms of popular gambling games. These can include slot games, bingo, video poker, simulated roulette, virtual racing and more. Game mechanics are becoming increasingly complicated, and video game-style gambling has been introduced to casino floors with highly advanced arcade-style games that offer a chance to win if players are skillful in their play.Game mechanics determine, for example, if a slot is spun through the click of a button or the swipe of a screen - or both. They also determine how that spin will play out - including all the back end programming like random number generators which produce the set of symbols for the player.The term also covers the ways a player engages with the game. This covers any elements like mini games with click and collect features, free spins, free hands, and game enhancements like win multipliers. The game mechanics power these features and determine how and when the player can engage with the features.Want to test out some slots? Read our expert guide first.