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Gamble Feature

What is a 'Gamble Feature'?

A gamble feature is a feature on an online and offline slot machine that allows gamblers either to significantly increase their winnings or to lose it all. Most commonly, a gamble feature will ask a player to guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than the number presented. If they guess right the player doubles his money. There are some gamble features that allow the player to quadruple his winnings, but at the probability of one to four - such as guessing the suite of the next card - it presents a much riskier gamble.

'Gamble Feature' Explained

There are many types of gamble features, but Las Vegas Online Slots identify the following three as the most common; card games, coin toss and rolling the bones. Card games, most popular on online machines, will usually ask a player to guess whether the next card is red or black; a coin toss simply asks the player to guess whether the coin will land on heads or tails; rolling the bones asks the player to guess whether the dice roll will land on an odd or even number.In recent years developers have taken the gamble feature a step further by adding bonus games that give the player more control. One such game is a globe with a red section and a green section that increase and decrease until the player pushes a button to stop them. How much a players stands to wins depends how much bigger the green section is in comparison to the red one. A needle then flicks through the two sections. If it lands on green, the player wins. If it lands on red, he loses. It adds more excitement to an already intriguing feature, but it is still a 50/50 game.The benefit of playing the gamble feature is that there is no house edge. It is a genuine 50/50 opportunity. The house relies on the hope that the player will continue playing the gamble feature until they lose. A gamble that invariably works in their favor.