Full Pay Video Poker Machine

What is a Full Pay Video Poker Machine?

A Full Pay Video Poker Machine is the highest-paying type of modern video poker game – hence the term “full pay.”

Metrics typically depend on how well the player plays their hand – for example, a perfectly played hand means a higher likelihood of the full payback percentage.

Examples of Full Pay Video Poker Machine games include Jacks or Better, Bally’s All American, Tens or Better, Joker’s Wild, and Deuces Wild, among others.

Full Pay Video Poker Machines Explained

As mentioned above, the term Full Pay Video Poker Machine refers to a type of video poker that is the highest paying. The opposite of these – or video poker machines with lower payback percentages – are often called Short Pay Video Poker Machines.

However, both of these terms – full pay, especially – are somewhat outdated. For example, there are now many other versions of the game that will payback more. Payback percentages are worked out using the “long-term expected value” of a bettor’s stakes if the person plays their way through the game “perfectly.”

To put this into some context, if the video poker machine has a 99% payback percentage and a player bets $100, they can expect to lose just $1 if they managed to play every poker hand in an ideal fashion.

There are some variants of Full Pay Video Poker Machine that offer even more than this, such as Full-pay Jacks or Better, which offers a 99.54% payback percentage.

Of course, land-based casinos do not typically advertise these facts, instead leaving the customer to work out which machines offer the best payback percentages.

Some of these Full Pay Video Poker Machines will pay proportionally more for certain hands, including the royal flush, when the player makes the maximum bet – which is usually five coins. This does mean that those who make smaller bets will end up with a proportionally smaller return.