Free Spins Bonus

What is a Free Spins Bonus?

A Free Spins Bonus is the name given to one or a number of free spins of a slot machine’s reels without the player having paid any money or tokens to do so.

Also, the Free Spins Bonus is the most common type of no deposit bonus, favored by online casinos around the world and loved by players.

Free Spins Bonuses Explained

As mentioned in the paragraph above, Free Spins Bonuses are very often given away as no deposit bonuses by a number of online casinos.

To receive them, the player need only sign up to their chosen online casino(s). And, upon doing so, the casino in question will simply apply them to the player’s account to use at their leisure.

Free Spins Bonuses are not only beneficial for players, however; the majority of online casinos who offer them as sign up bonuses to do in order to attract new customers. That being said, Free Spins aren’t the only method that gambling websites use to lure new players, and some other techniques include: loyalty programs, matched deposit bonuses of up to 100%, and cash back.

Although Free Spins Bonuses tend to make players excited at the prospect of being in with a chance of winning some money for (technically) free, a lot of casinos will apply specific wagering requirements to them. This means that money – jackpots, usually, or bigger wins – won from Free Spins require the money to be played a few times through before it can be claimed.

Smaller wins made during Free Spins rounds are usually added to the player’s bankroll automatically, which many people enjoy because it can boost their finances without them having to pay any money.

There a few different types of Free Spins Bonus, with the most common two being sign up bonuses and ongoing promotions. The former will give the player a set amount of free spins once they sign up and/or make their first deposit, while the latter will reward loyal or long-term customers with free spins a few times throughout the year.