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Four Card Straight Flush

What is a Four Card Straight Flush?

A Four Card Straight Flush is a hand in poker that contains four cards of the same suit in what is described as an open-ended sequence. An example of a Four Card Straight Flush would be the five, six, seven, and eight of clubs, and an ace of hearts. The Four Card Straight Flush does not include the ace as a card of value.

The Four Card Straight Flush Explained

In a game of poker, the Four Card Straight Flush refers to a hand comprising four cards in a consecutive order that are all of the same suit. Tacked onto the end in a game of regular (five-card) poker will be a random card that does not fit the straight.However, obtaining a fifth card alongside a Four Card Straight Flush will make your hand a regular straight flush.In the Four Card Straight Flush – or any straight flush in poker – the 'straight' part refers to the fact that the sequence of cards you hold are in a consecutive order. This could be a six, seven, eight, and nine. The 'flush,' part, meanwhile, simply means that all of these cards are in the same suit. The straight flush becomes royal when it contains picture cards and aces.There are many different hand varieties in poker, and of this type there are also many. For example, there is also the Four Card Inside Straight Flush, the Four Card Inside Straight, the Four Card Straight, and the Four Card Royal Flush, all dependent on the sequence and suit of the cards.This hand is not particularly valuable in its current four-card form, but it is a good starting point for the player hoping to make up a regular straight flush. Straight flush hands in a regular five-card form – as is the norm for most poker games – rank among the highest hands.