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Four Card Sequential Royal Flush

What is a Four Card Sequential Royal Flush?

In video poker, the term four card sequential royal flush refers to a four card royal flush hand in which the component cards fit into the sequential royal flush pattern. It can be either right-to-left or left-to-right on the video poker screen.Sometimes, when the cards present on the video poker screen as right-to-left, it is called reverse sequential royal flush.

Four Card Sequential Royal Flush Explained

The four card sequential royal flush, in video poker terms, simply refers to a four card royal flush hand that meets the criteria to become the sequential royal flush. This can be completed in any direction and can be completed if players end up drawing the correct card.A good example of this would be a hand containing the ten of diamonds, any five, the Queen of diamonds, the King of diamonds, and the ace of diamonds. Here, it’s clear to see that the Jack of diamonds is missing from what would be a perfect royal flush.If the cards present in the order above on the machine, they have the four card sequential royal flush. But if the player discards that random five and instead gains that Jack, they now have the Sequential Royal Flush.The odds of actually achieving this in a game of video poker are very slim, and as a result of that, payouts tend to be huge – up to 10,000 coins, in some cases, equating to thousands of dollars in others. Some seasoned casino-goers have noted that not many machines have a schedule for this hand any more, however.Of course, the four-card version of this hand won’t be much use to the player; it’s incomplete and doesn’t make up a full royal flush. But once the player hits the fifth and final card required to make it complete, they’re in for some serious winnings.Want to find out more about video poker? Read our no-nonsense guide here.
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