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Four Card Inside Straight Flush

What is a Four Card Inside Straight Flush?

In poker, a four card inside straight flush is a hand that contains four cards that ascend through the same suit with a one-place gap between two of them.A good example of this would be a hand that contains 4♣-5♣-6♣, and 8♣. In this case, the missing card (or the one-place gap referred to above) is the seven of clubs.If the player had the seven of clubs, it would no longer be a four card inside straight flush, but a straight flush instead.

The Four Card Inside Straight Flush Explained

The four card inside straight flush is the name given to a hand in poker that contains four cards of the same suit that ascend consecutively but that have a single gap between two of them. This could be a 9♥, J♥, 10♥ and K♥. The missing card is the Q♥ in this instance.There are a few variations of this hand in poker. One of these is the straight flush, which, using the example given directly above, would add the missing Q♥ to the sequence to close the gap and complete the hand.Another variation is the four card flush. This would be a hand that includes, for example, the 5♦, 6♦, 7♦, and 8♦, as well as another random card such as the Q♠.The four card inside straight is yet another example of a similar poker hand formation. This type would have the player holding such cards as a three, four, six, seven, and ten.This varies from the four card inside straight flush because, while that type requires the cards to be in the same suit, the four card inside straight does not.Straights and flushes are among the strongest hands that a player can have in a poker game, and usually they end up beating all other hands. Other strong poker hands include a four of a kind, a full house, a three of a kind, and a two pair. The hand most likely to win in any game is the royal flush, which requires an ace, King, Queen, Jack, and ten, all of which are in the same suit.Want to improve your poker? Read our guide and find out where best to play.