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What is a ‘Floorman’?

A 'floorman' (also 'floorwoman' or 'floorperson', and occasionally just 'floor') is a member of staff at the casino who takes care of the guests and the games. The floorman role is similar to that of a general manager or a 'foreman', which is where the term is likely derived from. The floorman takes care of the casino 'floor', or the main playing area.

‘Floorman’ Explained

All casinos tend to have a floorman working at any one time, and some establishments may have many working each shift. However, the floorman might also take on some other roles in smaller casinos or during quiet times. It is a varied role which can be compared to that of a premises manager. The floorman's primary function is to oversee the games and to ensure that all the players are happy - and that the games can run smoothly.To facilitate these goals, the floorman might be called upon to settle disputes between the house and one or more players, or to make a ruling in a tied game or a similar situation. The decisions and rulings of the floorman tend to be final, like those of a referee or umpire. The floorman is also responsible for supervising the dealers and monitoring the tables, providing an extra set of eyes as insurance against cheating.The role can involve a lot of service and hospitality: floormen might be asked to arrange comps and rewards for their busiest players. They will also serve as chip runners, break change, and provide fresh decks for the table where necessary. The floorman might sometimes act as the 'brush' for poker games, and be responsible for the commissioning and seating of players to fill out games. If there is some technical issue with a table game or machine, it is usually the floorman who will be first on the scene to try and resolve the issue.