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Flat Betting

What is 'Flat Betting'?

If a player makes a series of wagers of the same amount, they are said to be 'flat betting'. Flat betting is the direct alternative to 'progressive betting', a technique which means making a series of wagers which vary in amount. Flat betting might occur if a player wants to stick to the minimum bet each time, or if a player is seeking time at the table rather than a big win. It is not necessarily a good technique to use long term as it will most likely result in a loss overall, but it is a good way to stay in the game for longer, especially for a player who prefers small bets.

'Flat Betting' Explained

In gambling, 'flat betting' is the practice of making a bet of the same size with each play: though not necessarily making the same bet each time. A player may switch between red and black bets for example, but if they always bet the same amount of money they are said to be 'flat betting'. It appears most often in roulette, but also in sports betting, blackjack and craps.Flat betting is not generally a winning system, unless a win happens fairly quickly and the odds are relatively high on the outcome. Unless the game has no house edge and odds of evens or better, it is more than likely that the player will lose over time. However, flat betting can limit the amount of loss and extend the amount of gameplay time, so it is a common practice among comps hustlers and a technique often used by casual or social players. By betting the minimum each round, players can remain at the table for longer - and perhaps pick up more than they spend in free drinks and snacks from the hosts.