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Flashboard (Bingo)

What is a Flashboard?

A flashboard is typically used in bingo and horse racing bingo games to display all the numbers in the game, as well as any other relevant game-related information. The most common type is the 'numbers only flashboard', and this is the most basic form, as well.In numbers only flashboards, bingo numbers become highlighted in a different color when they have been called or drawn. However, a range of different flashboards are available, and information displayed depends on use and context.

Flashboards Explained

In bingo games – including regular types and horse racing types – flashboards are used to display any information that is relevant to the current game or competition. The most common form is the numbers only flashboard.This type is commonly used in regular bingo games in bingo halls or land-based casinos around the world. These types display all the numbers on the bingo card – from 1 through 90 – and they highlight in a separate color the numbers that have already been drawn. The last number to have been called is often shown in a larger size so that players do not miss anything.The primary use of the numbers only flashboard is to help players stay up-to-date with the game currently in play and to remind them of the numbers that have been called. This allows them to keep their game cards updated.Another use of flashboards is in horse racing bingo, which is a fast-paced bingo form most often played among those in fraternal organizations. In the game, up to 15 players are assigned a random number between 1 and 15 (corresponding with the numbers in the top row of the flashboard). These numbers are then drawn in a random order and the first of the 15 players to have all five numbers in their column called is the winner.Other types of flashboard include the game indicator flashboard and the dollar value flashboard. The game indicator flashboard lets all players in the hall know which game is in play - such as whether players are seeking to match corners, lines, or a full-house in bingo games - while the Dollar Value Flashboard gives the player more information about the prize available to them.