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Flagged Player

What is a 'Flagged Player'?

A flagged player is a gambler in a casino, both online and offline, who has been identified as possibly using prohibited practices. Such practices include, but are not limited to card counting, collusion with other players; or in the case of online casinos, abusing reload bonuses.A player is usually notified when they have been flagged. In most cases you can continue playing, but your conduct will come under further scrutiny. In the case of online casinos, you may not be able to withdraw your winnings until the casino has finished its investigation and you have been un-flagged.

'Flagged Player' Explained

Players are often flagged for misusing reload bonuses. Reload bonuses are used by online casinos to encourage existing players to come back to the playing rooms if they have been absent for a few days or weeks.Some unscrupulous players recognise this tactic and deliberately withdraw money from their account and move it to another casino. They then take advantage of the reload bonus, when the original casino offers them money to return.If a user does this a few times, the casino is likely to flag them as abusing the system. This could result in a player being banned from the casino and they could have any winnings withheld.Another tactic that is likely to get a player flagged, is choosing to sit at poker tables with the same players each time. This applies to both online and traditional casinos.Players who frequently sit at the same table will be flagged in order to prevent collusion. There could be a legitimate reason for this, such as a gambler prefers to play with their friends. Just be aware that the casinos are watching their players, and don’t take kindly to those regularly sitting together.In the case of online casinos, players who use the same IP address are also likely to be flagged for the same reason. The bottom line is, if you don’t want to get flagged, don’t try and cheat the casino. They are wise to most moves and are constantly monitoring players for suspicious behavior.