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Finale Schnaps

What is 'Finale Schnaps'?

Finale schnaps refers to a type of bet that roulette players can make on a French roulette table. The bet is a type of 'finale' bet that roulette players can wager in the hope of receiving a good payout. To place a finale schnaps bet, players have to state that they wish to do this, before handing the croupier their chips. The croupier will then divide the player's chips equally between the numbers 11, 22 and 33. After the chips have been laid on the table, there's nothing the player can do except hope the ball lands on one of their numbers.

'Finale Schnaps' Explained

Finale schnaps bets are a very specific type of 'finale' bets that players can wager while playing French roulette. Out of the two most common finale bets, 'finales en plein' and 'finales a cheval', it has more in common with the latter, which is a bet that splits the player's chips over up to six different numbers on the table. With finale schnaps, the player bets on only three numbers - these numbers are always 11, 22 and 33.To win on a finale schnaps bet, the player has to hope that the ball will land on either 11, 22, or 33. Any other outcome will result in the player losing all of the chips that they have wagered. As there are 37 numbers including the zero on a French roulette wheel (also known as the 'European wheel'), the player has a three in 37 chance of winning with a finale schnaps bet. That works out at a 1 in 12.333 chance of beating the house and netting themselves a payout.

An Example of a Finale Schnaps Bet

The player has £150 worth of £25 chips and wants to place a finale schnaps bet.They notify the croupier who will place two £25 chips on 11, two £25 chips on 22 and £2 £25 chips on 33 before the end of the betting round. The player will be hoping that the ball lands on black, as all the numbers in the finale schnaps bet are black on the French roulette wheel. If the player wins, depending on the casino, they can expect to receive a payout of roughly 11/1 - slightly less than the actual odds, but with house advantage taken into account.