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What does 'Fill' Mean?

Fill is a term found often in casinos. In poker and some other card games, it means to draw the card or cards needed to make a five-card hand, such as a full house or a straight.In this sense, 'fill' is often heard as 'to fill in' or 'to fill up'. Players fill their hand with the cards they need, and hopefully beat the other players as a result. 'Fill' is also the term used to describe the dealer bringing more chips to the casino table, or for additional coins that are added to a slot machine after a jackpot has been won.

'Fill' Explained

In poker, players are trying to beat the hands held by others around the table. Five-card hands such as full house, royal flush and straight are among the most desirable in the game. Players draw cards for their personal hand, swap cards with other players or turn community cards over in order to complete their own best hand. Picking up the cards you need to complete the hand is known as 'filling'. You can 'fill in' any five-card hand by drawing the right card or finding it in the community set, and you can 'fill up' a full house hand by drawing doubles or triples. A full house consists of a pair and three of a kind, and to fill this full house means to obtain this pair or triple in the draw.Occasionally 'fill' is used in casinos to describe the practice of filling up the chip stack. When new players join the game and successful players leave, the table can run low on chips. Croupiers will maintain the game while requesting that the table be 'filled'. If a slot machine has recently made a number of large payouts, players may request the casino to fill the machine again and ensure another payout can be completed. Some slots players will choose games right after the fill, believing there is a higher chance of a payout occurring.