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What is the 'Ficheur'?

A ficheur is the name given to a special machine used in casinos. This machine is operated by the croupier and sorts the chips for playing. Ficheurs are often seen at roulette tables, where the chips can get quickly mixed up and disorganized. The ficheur uses internal sensors to sort chips by colour, size and other metrics, so that they are returned to piles of the correct value for reuse. Players at roulette tables usually have their own colored chips to prevent confusion during play, and the ficheur ensures they are not mixed up.

'Ficheur' Explained

Casino dealers and croupiers have a lot to concentrate on while they play at the tables, so it is vital that some processes are managed for them mechanically. Sorting and arranging chips between each game could take a long time, so the ficheur was created to handle this task for them. The machine is designed to take chips between games and sort them into colour co-ordinated, value-matched piles that can be picked up and redistributed to the players.Using a ficheur means that croupiers can rely on the piles to be accurate, with no chance of human error. The mechanism can organize chips by colour but also by value, so high-value chips can be kept safe and sorted for use. It keeps play fair and prevents tampering by players or by the house. The machine can sort through the counters far more quickly than a human could, reducing the time lost between games. When a player leaves the game and cashes out their chips, a new player could sit at the table and use the colour that has been vacated: the ficheur makes sure there are always chips ready for the new player to begin.