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Fever Five

What is ‘Fever Five’?

'Fever Five' is a slang term used in craps to describe a dice roll of 1 and 4 or of 2 and 3. It is also used by the player to call out a request to bet on the number five. If a player bets 'fever five', they are placing a wager on the next roll or on a series of consecutive rolls that at some point a five will be rolled.

‘Fever Five’ Explained

A bet on five counts as a pass bet when made on the come out roll or rolls. It is also critical in come/don't come bets against the starting pass line, and is one of the many multi-roll wagers which can be made during a game. Players select the number and if the shooter rolls it, that bet wins. Some bets may remain 'working' across several rolls, while others depend on a single outcome to win. Many different kinds of craps bet can be made on the five, which is usually one of the game's field numbers.Players who request 'fever five' when wagering are simply making the call for their bet to stand on a roll of five. This applies whichever way the dice make the five. There are two possible combinations: a 2 and a 3, or a 4 and a 1. The bet on fever five can only win if five is called, but there may be multiple rolls in which a five could appear. There are many other nicknames for a roll of five and a wager on it, including the 'thirty-two juice roll' (after OJ Simpson), the 'fields alive' and 'little Phoebe'. In casinos where five does not make up one of the field numbers, a bet on five is often called 'no field five' as opposed to 'fever five'.