What Does ‘Favorite’ Mean?

In betting, the ‘favourite’ is the outcome most likely to win the contest and therefore the best choice to back.

The favourite in any bet is also likely to be the most popular and take the most wagers. ‘Favorite‘ is a term that most often appears in horse racing. Each race will have a ‘favourite’ runner, based on the morning’s workout, previous form, the trainer’s record and other considerations. That favourite is likely to have the shortest odds, but also has the best chance of placing. Bookmakers will refer to the ‘favourite’ in any kind of sports or entertainment betting – the outcome which it is believed has the best chance of winning.

‘Favorite’ Explained

If you are new to betting, for example during your first day at the races, betting on the favourite is a good way to start. This is a horse, team or athlete who is thought to have the best chance of winning. A bet on them is less likely to be a big winner because the odds will be low, however this kind of bet has a far higher chance of being successful. The favourite in a race is often one who has won it previously, has had a good performance in recent races and is fancied by the punters.

Favorite bets also appear in Keno and Lotto, referring to a player’s habit of storing and reusing their favourite bet combinations. This is particularly true of Keno, where players might play multiple games on the same ticket and need an easy way to make their picks quickly. Favorites can also mean bets which are most popular at the roulette and occur most often. You are likely to hear the term often across gaming, as it is frequently borrowed from sports betting and applied to casino outcomes.