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Expected Win Rate (EWR)

What is the 'Expected Win Rate'?

Expected win rate (EWR) refers to the amount a player (or the house) can expect to pick up during the playing period. For casinos, the house edge is set to make the EWR more favorable for them and to reduce the players' EWR accordingly. Some games have high rates of wins occurring, while others have longer odds and make achieving wins harder. The expected win rate for any game is determined through a series of average wins along with the odds of any particular outcome occurring, so it is closely tied in with the expected return and expected value metrics.

'The Expected Win Rate' Explained

In casino gaming, the expected win rate is one of a number of metrics used to describe how likely a win is on that game and indicates the frequency of a win occurring. It is often used alongside expected return or expected value metrics to decide which games are the most profitable, either for the player or for the casino. Casinos need to 'win' at table and card games in order to make their money, so they need to know how much of a win is likely and what their potential return off each table will be.Players who use calculations and statistics to decide their moves in live play will usually want to know each game's EWR before they play. The rate is not a guarantee of success, but it advises players on how often wins are likely to come and gives a guide to how long a player will need to stay at the table in order to make their money back. Software is available which can calculate win rates for individual games using past statistics, so players can make a more informed decision on which games to play.