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Expanding Symbol

What is an Expanding Symbol?

Expanding symbols appear in some slots games, namely video slots and online slots. In these slots games, some of the symbols on the playing screen can 'expand' across the full reel, therefore giving the player a bigger chance of picking up a win. Expanding symbols are usually wild symbols, which means they can be substituted for any winning symbol on the board. They may also be modifier or multiplier symbols, or bonus symbols. Many current slots games use 'expanding symbols' as their key selling point, as this type of game is very popular with online slots players.

The Expanding Symbol Explained

In a typical reel-based slot game, players spin the reels and land a combination of symbols. Matching symbols on designated win lines (or 'scatter' symbols anywhere) combine to give the player a win. With expanding symbols, some of the board's winning symbols might grow and spread across one or all of the reels, increasing the chance of winning with that symbol.Some slots offer expanding symbols at any point in the game, while others reserve them for bonus rounds and enhanced play features. These expanding symbols are most usually wilds, but they could be any symbol from the game board. Wild symbols are those which can be substituted for any other symbol on the board, increasing the chance of a win. Some games may also offer multiplier wins from expanding symbols, such as a double prize.The expanding symbol might take players into a bonus round, or the feature could be reserved just for during bonus round play. Expanding symbols are a big draw for slots players and most games operators will try to offer at least one video slot game that uses this style of play.View the best casinos for slots here.