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Exotic Wager

What is an 'Exotic Wager'?

In any kind of gambling, an exotic wager tends to refer to an unusual kind of bet. 'Exotic bet' and 'exotic numbers' may also be used. Unlike a straight bet (for example, 'to win betting') an exotic bet is often more complex and relies on wider outcomes. Accumulator bets are a kind of exotic wager, and this term is especially common for horse racing accumulators. 'Exotic' can also refer to unlikely combinations of bingo or lotto numbers in a three-digit or four-digit draw, where the rarer outcomes come up and pay out.

'Exotic Wager' Explained

'Exotic' is a common slang term in gambling and casino gaming which is used to describe a more unusual kind of play. This might mean a strange table strategy in roulette or craps, betting on an unlikely hand in poker, or selecting multiple horses on one ticket in race betting. An exotic wager is not a simple bet on an outcome, but a combination of different outcomes or an extremely long shot. 'Exotic' is usually used when large amounts of money are being placed on these unlikely outcomes - for small stakes risk betting, 'taking a chance' or a 'chance bet' are more commonly used.An exotic wager might be harder to win, but the payoff is usually far greater and the thrill of the gamble tends to be a little higher. Exotic bets tend to be riskier and have a lower return rate, so they are rarely made by cautious gamblers who are more likely to go for the straight or parlay bet. Exotic bets can include round robins, box reverses, gimmick bets and lotto triples. This list is not exhaustive as there are hundreds of types of bet to be made, and almost any non-traditional bet or combination bet can pick up the exotic wager label.