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Exact Order

What is ‘Exact Order’?

In lotto, exact order describes a circumstance in which a player’s group of numbers must exactly match the sequence of the winning numbers for the prize to be theirs.It is possible for lotto players to win money without the exact order draw, but they are more likely to take home a considerable amount if they do match all the numbers in the exact same sequence because the odds of this happening are so low.

'Exact Order’ Explained

Also referred to as straight bet, the term exact order refers to an instance that relies on the player perfectly matching their number set to the order of the winning numbers.To play a game of regular lotto, you must pick six numbers between one and 59. If you match a few numbers with the ones that are drawn, you may win a small sum. If you match all the numbers drawn, the winnings increase. If you are lucky enough to bag an exact order draw, you can win more money.Usually in lotto, a significant amount of money may be won if the player’s numbers are identical to the numbers that are produced by the machine, regardless of their sequence. However, exact order dictates that the sequence of the player’s numbers must match the order of those given by the machine. The player who triumphs with an exact order win is more likely to win a higher sum of money.In a casino setting, it is likely that the player will have to choose to specifically bet for an exact order draw. Because the odds of winning an exact order draw are so low, the winnings will be significantly increased.The winner of a lotto jackpot may choose to receive their winnings as an annuity, meaning that they are paid the full amount in smaller portions over a set number of years.