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What are 'Evens'?

'Evens' is the colloquial term used to describe 'even odds' or 'even money'. Evens might also appear in a dice game to describe the roll. Even money is when the bettor stands to lose or win the same amount of money depending on the outcome of the bet.In wider use, 'evens' might refer to a 50-50 outcome of an event occurring. 'Getting even' or 'reaching evens' might also refer to a player settling their playing balance and neither winning or losing: as in 'I came out with evens'. 'Evens' might be used as a bet in blackjack where the dealer holds an ace and the player wishes to play it. This approach will return the stake, regardless of the dealer's actual result.In simple terms, a successful even money bet will see the bettor double their initial stake.

'Evens' Explained

In gambling, 'evens' is a common phrase that appears often. It usually refers to 'even odds' or 'even money', and often appears in sports or racing bets. Whether the player bets for a win or lose outcome, the odds and the payout are the same. 'Evens' usually appears in betting to win - such as on the outcome of a soccer game or horse race.In a soccer game where one bettor bets on a team to win at evens, they stand to double their money, i.e the value of their stake, plus their initial stake.'Evens' might appear when referring to the dice in craps and similar games. Players aim to make an even dice roll - 4, 6, 8 or 10 - and may chose to do this the 'hard way' by picking up a pair of fours, for example. Players may also talk about 'evens' when they refer to their own playing balance.