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What is 'EPROM'?

EPROM is an acronym which stands for ‘Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory’. This is a type of memory chip that, even when the device in which it has been inserted and installed has been switched off, retains its data. EPROM is used in all slot machines.This type of chip is known as non-volatile, which relates to any form of manufactured memory with the capacity to store information permanently, even if not connected to a device that is live. It is most normally utilized as a form of secondary storage, which is generally more difficult to access than primary data, but is able to save more information because it allows it to be efficiently compressed.

'EPROM' Explained

EPROM technology is incredibly prevalent in all forms of computer device, be it a laptop, smartphone or games console. However, when it comes to betting and gambling, EPROM is primarily used in slot machines as a means of determining the returns of any game.The chip will be able to recall the amount of money already placed in the machine, the time since the last payout, what money should be paid out when specific symbol combinations arise and can subsequently regulate the game accordingly.The person in charge of any particular slot machine may wish to alter the returns of said device and to do this they can simply change the EPROM chip, or alter its settings. However, doing this may require paperwork and sign-off externally so as to ensure the machine is being operated both professionally and ethically.In some places – Nevada, for example – casinos have been banned from changing the EPROM settings on a machine four minutes prior to or after someone has played. The law was passed to not only protect players, but to dispel the myth that some casinos were changing settings during games in a bid to ensure nobody could emerge victorious.