Electronic Roulette

What is Electronic Roulette?

Electronic Roulette is a fully automated system now offered in land-based casinos, which allows the casino to make the most efficient use of the casino floor. It is offered in both the American version and the European version.
This fully automated system launches the ball using air pressure and tracks the ball around the wheel using optical sensors, which are also used to detect the final stopping position of the ball. The roulette wheel is covered by a glass dome, which shields it from any interruption and prevents unauthorized access into the interior.
The game generator can produce up to 100 results per hour.

Electronic Roulette Explained

Electronic Roulette is designed for multi-player use, with the roulette wheel in the center, surrounded by several betting terminals. Just sit down in front of one of the available terminals and place your bets using the touchscreen terminal in front of you. It is very similar to playing roulette online, however, the wheel is not virtual.
The rules are exactly the same, remember it is simply an electronic version of the game, therefore it is not dealer assisted.
Some valuable tips to consider when playing electronic roulette are:
If you cannot see the actual physical roulette wheel, don’t trust it… and definitely, don’t play it. Focus on versions using a physical roulette wheel.
Familiarize yourself with the various models and features from the manufacturer websites.
Choose a wheel offering natural organic roulette spins, rather than those that are manipulated by hidden electronics.
Remember there is no 100% proven roulette strategy, no matter where you play, online or in a land-based casino. Today’s roulette systems can achieve a player edge of around 120%, which is 40xs greater, therefore your increased

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