Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM)

What is an Electronic Gaming Machine(EGM)?

An Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) is a modern video gaming machine used in casinos and arcades. These gaming machines are also known as ‘slots‘, ‘pokies‘ and ‘fruit machines‘. Older machines are mechanical and use wheel based spins, while newer machines use digital technology similar to arcade gaming machines. Players insert coins or tokens, make their play and any winnings are paid automatically by the machine.

Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) Explained

The first electronic gaming machines appeared at the end of the 19th century and were based on the game of poker. Using spinning wheels, players would pull a lever to draw cards and a winning poker hand might be obtained. A win would usually land the player some free item or service; the machines usually appeared in bars so a free drink was often the prize. Over time the games progressed to offer automatic cash payouts, and the ‘fruit machine’ or ‘slot machine’ was officially born.

Today, slot games and poker games are far more advanced because they use digital computer technology to power the games. These Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) offered advanced gameplay and the reels are draws that are computer generated, using random number generators. Because there is no need for a physical reel, the game can offer many more win combinations and can also include extra features. A slot game might have free spin bonus rounds, while a poker game might award a free hand for the player if a certain win is obtained.

Electronic gaming machines have advanced further and are often internet-enabled, with hundreds or thousands of players competing on the same game in different establishments. The common play feature of these machines is usually a progressive jackpot, which builds with each play but which could pay any player at any terminal at any time.

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